Here are some testimonials from our happy owners and their happy pets

  • Tiny’s story

    I would like you to know that I appreciate the quality of your dog food tremendously. I got a Great Dane by the name Tiny a few months ago. He had a lot of skin problems and was on a different dog food at the time with medication that he should take daily. After 1 ½ months using Max Health dog food that one of our friends recommended to us Tiny’s skin started to look a lot better and at this stage we no longer have to give him medication either. I would recommend your product to anyone!

    Thank you for a wonderful product!
    Patricia Gouws

  • Kiara's rash - the worst stage

    The new Kiara – just look at the beautiful tummy

    Kiara’s story

    Just our testimonial of Little Kiara – our Jack Russel baby (2 years and 3 months old).

    We use to buy a certain brand for our fur kids. My Husband decided to go for another very popular brand. Unfortunately, Kiara developed a terrible rash within 2 days. I was devastated. Took her to a Vet and after a bill of R1 330 with antibiotics and cortisone plus Allergex (for life) I was absolutely desperate in finding a brand which will work for her (this was mid-December 2017).

    I went to Pets and the City (Newlands). Explained to the lovely Lady what is wrong with my fur kid and also showed her the photographs. She immediately told me everything about Maxhealth. I have decided, there and then, to give it a try with a 2 kg bag. My fur kids just loved it and we’ve decided to buy another bag – this time round – 15 kg. We are now on our 2nd bag of Maxhealth (red bag).

    What a huge surprise. Her skin reacted to the food within a week. Thank you so much for this! Wow, I couldn’t believe it. Maxhealth is the best! I am telling everybody about this food which I have discovered. Two of my colleagues bought food today – 3 x 15 kg Maxhealth! Another colleague is also going to switch to Maxhealth.

    I will keep on spreading the word as this is genuine the best dog food ever! Maxhealth – thank you for being part of our lives – now and forever! Will never ever change to another brand.

    Kindest regards, Sandra

  • Snoekie - The American Pit Bull

    Snoekie’s story

    She is doing absolutely perfect on Maxhealth!!! No more red itchy hot spots/no more dry skin/no more biting and licking her paws/no more sleepless nights/ no more expensive vet visits, now we only have a very happy playful loving Pit Bull. She has now been on Maxhealth for 3months, we could see the difference in the 3rd week of her being on Maxhealth.

    Thank you Doc!! You have truly made a huge difference!!!

    Best regards,
    Sunandi Koekemoer


  • Gusto’s story

    Dear Doctor, thank you for all your assistance and guidance with Gusto. He seems to be losing weight slowly. Thank you also for an amazing product which makes Ella look like a different dog; free of sores and rashes, with a beautiful, silky coat.

    Little Sammy the sausage dog goes with the flow but as he gets older, I feel pleased knowing that he is on a healthy diet.

    Best regards,

  • Rhino before Maxhealth

    Rhino after 30 days on Maxhealth

    Rhino’s story

    Rhino the Bull Terrier from Port Elizabeth started to eat Maxhealth on July 8th and was treated with medicines numerous times before Maxhealth. Only after using Maxhealth we could see an improvement.

    Rhino the Bull Terrier from Port Elizabeth started to eat Maxhealth on July 8th and was treated with medicines numerous times before Maxhealth. Only after using Maxhealth we could see an improvement.

  • Amber when we found her in 2012

    Amber in 2014 on Maxhealth Pet Food

    Feathers and Amber’s story

    Firstly I want to thank you for an affordable, above average food that has worked much better for my dog than any of the classic foods.

    My friend Averil and I have 2 rescue dogs. Feathers and Amber. Feathers started off with bad mange and was rescued and her coat was sorted out in the first year. Amber we got when we were living in Rhoddes . She went straight onto expensive food which her body did not cope, Her previous diet was next to nothing, this is Amber when we found her in 2012, she was filthy and starved with a plastic rope biting into her neck.  Bath and food first and she settled in.  We moved back to Pinetown that year and her coat became thin and it was discovered that she was allergic  to her food  and maybe other things. With much effort as a state pensioner (my friend supports me and I buy the animal food). I fed her…for sensitive skin, thanks to help from the SPCA and Petwise shop 33 Village Mall 33 Village Road Kloof. Kzn. They have a pensioners day which made a huge difference. One of the staff there showed me your food and the results were outstanding. I now feed her your fish food and her coat is outstanding. It is one of the best things to happen for me.

    Amber is now happy and healthy. She sleeps with me and fills my life with warmth. Thanks to Max health for this wonderful product.

    Thank you again for making Amber’s life comfortable and happy.

    Elaine Machin

  • Danny the happy Dachshund

    Danny’s story

    Danny my Dachshund like so many dogs had a rash on his tummy and I was advised to change his food. After trying several different dry foods and expensive tinned food I was no nearer fixing his skin problems.

    No he had no fleas as I de-flea him once a month one day after his bath, and the house is sprayed every 3 to 4 months.

    Then I heard of MAXHEALTH DOG FOOD, so I thought I would try it and what a difference, Danny has never looked back and I frequently get stopped when we go for walks by people
    who admire his shiney beautiful coat, and endless energy. They bend down to pet him and are surprised by his ice cold nose.

    If you have a dog with skin problems, scratching, licking, smelling, do him/her and yourself a favour, get MAXHEALTH DOG FOOD, you will not regret it.

    MAXHEALTH DOG FOOD comes in various quantities and has Small Bites for small dogs and Regular for large dogs. You should not feed your pet with any other snack just stick to
    MAXHEALTH and fresh water at all times.

    MAXHEALTH DOG FOOD has been developed by Dr Ilario del Mas PhD.

    I really recommend MAXHEALTH DOG FOOD


  • Happy canine family

    Happy canine family

    Our 3 happy dogs

    Pictures of my canine family – all three thriving on Maxhealth! There seems to be disagreement on who prefers what – the senior citizen steals the puppy Maxhealth pellets and the older dogs seem to prefer the puppy’s smaller pellets. However, they all love it!

    I started Roxy on Maxhealth after a 7 month battle to cure her skin allergy. She continuously scratched, licked and bit her skin to relieve the itch.  After spending hours on the internet, I found the Maxhealth website. Dr DM recommended that I change her, as well as my very senior staffie’s diet to Maxhealth. Roxy’s skin condition cleared up totally. Previously she was on cortisone tablets, daily applications of cortisone cream and daily antihistamines. The condition is now controlled by keeping her on the Maxhealth diet, with just an occasional antihistamine or cortisone injection when there is a flare-up during the high pollen periods.

    The senior staffie has shedded much needed extra kilo’s whilst on Maxhealth. This has been an added advantage in our efforts to control her arthritis.  When I first noticed our 8-week old puppy stealing the older dogs’ Maxhealth pellets, I decided to change him to the diet as well.  He loves the puppy pellets, which proves that he has good taste even at such a young age!

    p.s  It seems to run in the family as our parrot, Oros, also enjoy the occasional nibble on a pellet while we are busy preparing the dog’s food.

    Mrs Woods (Knysna)

  • Rossi before Maxhealth

    Rossi after Maxhealth

    Rossi’s story

    Dear Dr Ilario
    After I brought my Boerboel Puppy home at 8 weeks, I slowly changed his food to a premium dog food thinking I was giving him the best by spending a fortune and that is when the problems started. After about a week he developed a terrible itch on his belly and under his arms.

    His skin was red and inflamed and he dragged himself on the grass to get some relief which made the condition even worse. I spent hours on the internet and tried some cream that my vet gave me but nothing seemed to help. I came across your website by chance and read every word on it. I immediately ordered my first bag of puppy food and after two weeks, I could not believe the change. The red raw patches had disappeared and he stopped scratching his under arms and they are no longer raw.

    He has been on Maxhealth Puppy for seven weeks now. The food is amazing and he loves it! I have also put my two Yorkies on the food and I have noticed that the tear stains on my little female have improved dramatically, they also love the taste and I do not have to add any chicken to get them to eat it like I did with their premium food.

    My Boerboel is now 4 months old and is beautiful. He is muscular and really healthy, happy and intelligent. He obtained full marks on the week-end for his puppy obedience class and I must say he was the most confident and handsome dog in his class! He does have the odd itch but nothing like before and I am confident after being on the food for a couple of months he will be itch free.

    Herewith are before and after pictures and a picture of my pedigree Boerboel – Meerlust Valentino Rossi which is on his papers – we just call him Rossi.

    Kind regards

    Nicole Marais

    Kempton Park

    My husband and son (the future vet) are mad about Motor GP and support Valentino Rossi – thus the name….

  • Clive and Sweetheart

    Sweetheart’s story

    Dear Ilario,
    Well done with the food. It really has had a double (paws up) from Sweetheart, our new Chow. Not that she is fussy about food, but sometimes is a fussy eater. However, since trying Maxhealth, her reaction has been quite amazing.

    I usually feed her after I have taken her for a walk, and she used to come and look at the food and go and lie down while she thought about eating. Now, as soon as we get home, if I forget to feed her immediately, she come inside the house and paws at me until I get up and prepare the food. And the great thing is the stools are much smaller. So there is obviously not as much cleaning up, and it is a sure sign that more is being digested and utilized by the body.and last but not least, she is very happy with the food and needs no coaxing to eat it! Well done! I hope you go from success to success and there are more and more happy dogs!

    Clive Scott (Actor) and Sweetheart

  • Elvis on Maxhealth

    Elvis’s story

    Hi Dr
    My pedigree Jack Russel, Elvis, was fed on……… from the time we got him as a pup. Before his 1st birthday we noticed that he bit and licked his feet a lot and itched and scratched and even did ‘body surfing’ on the grass and carpets. He got very pink on his tummy and was almost raw under his arms.

    We thought it was an allergy to the grass as it seemed to be worse before the winter came in for his 1st birthday. He still itched through winter but not as much and then spring time and into summer he started scratching really bad again.

    We tried ointments but he would just lick those off and then put him on anti-histamines which would help him but did not take the problem away. I then took him to a homeopath vet and we got a load of goodies for grass allergy, stress etc and that didn’t really help.

    This continued for almost another year and then I changed him to …………sensitive skin which also did not help. We also started feeding him a lot of frozen chicken portions – this made things REALLY bad (makes you wonder doesn’t it??) .I was exasperated !! I felt so bad I could not help him. He was completely miserable, I thought about changing the grass in my garden. Anything that might help.

    I then wondered !! Maybe it’s the chicken ? As aren’t they packed full of antibiotics and steroids and homones etc? So I stopped giving him chicken. We saw an improvement straight away but it still did not stop him itching. By now he was red raw under his arms, his eyes were puffy and I resorted to putting Billabong kiddies surfing rash vests on him and campher cream so he couldn’t scratch but it still obviously did not fix the problem.

    I then decided that I cannot be the ONLY one with this problem so I googled a question on the internet and the first hit I had was your website. Upon opening the pages I saw the pictures of I think the boerboel puppy – all pink underneath and I thought to myself “that could be Elvis in that picture’. So I read the whole site and then and there I decided I had nothing to lose so I went to my nearest shop bought a bag of Max Health and within I would say not even a week – he was like a different dog !! I was so happy. He was so happy! His eyes are full of life again and not puffy and tired and he is so playful and most importantly not scratching! I couldn’t believe it.

    Also with Jack Russels they tend to get a bit chubby – Elvis is as lean as anything he looks fantastic and he is smiling again as only he can !!

    Everything you say on your website makes perfect sense and as I said it makes you wonder what we expose ourselves to when we eat meat.

    Thank you Max Health. I have recommended your food to all my friends who have dogs and will continue to do so. I have now even got my rescue husky on it as she loves food and I know how huskies can store fat if you are not careful.

    Yours Sincerely
    Dianne Boy

  • Lulu on Maxhealth

    Lulu’s story

    Dear Dr Dal Mas
    My dog Lulu has been on maxhealth since she was a puppy. As you can see by the picture she has a lovely coat and she is as happy as ever. Maxhealth has done wonders for her. She doesn’t lick her paws, eat grass or even have any skin problems thanks to maxhealth. Its amazing product and you cant find anything else like it! Thank you so much for making a wonderful product.

    Rayma Pendlebury

  • Our dogs story

    Marie and I would like to take this opportunity of giving this brief testimonial on the value and goodness of the Maxhealth diet for our dogs.

    We have been involved with dogs, both as pets and as breeders with a registered kennel, for some 40 years, focusing on the smaller breeds of dogs in an urban environment.

    Some 5 years ago we changed our preferred breed to the Yorkshire terrier. While we were using the normal commercially available diet dog foods, our one terrier was constantly losing hair, despite all the professional advice we could obtain. A pet shop in Northern Johannesburg then advised us to change to Maxhealth, as it had proven health benefits, also and specifically for allergic reactions in animals. To be honest, at first we only changed to Maxhealth out of desperation, as we were at our wits end.

    The rest is history. Our dogs have now been exclusively on Maxhealth for the past two plus years. All skin/allergic reactions have vanished; the dogs’ pelts are in beautiful condition. Their digestion is totally perfect and we have had no diet or eating disorder visits to the veterinarians since we changed to Maxhealth. Today we have 2 regular, fully pedigreed Yorkies, one fully pedigreed, imported, champion Biewer Terrier a la Pom Pon for breeding purposes (currently in the family way, due in early November) and, for our sins, a “runt of the litter” toy French Poodle sort of rescued by Marie recently. The terriers are all on Maxhealth, while the French poodle, although on a special puppy diet to try and save its life, is valiantly trying to eat the Maxhealth rings, even though the rings are practically bigger than her mouth at this time.

    We cannot give a better, stronger testimonial than this. Certainly we confidently recommend Maxhealth to any pet owner, irrespective of the size, species or nature of the dog that is being considered. We have the full range, from a costly, rare dog (the Biewer), through run-of-the-mill Yorkies and now a very fragile poodle; all are eating Maxhealth and even the poodle looks as if it is going to make it.

    Should anybody want to contact us to verify these facts, they are more than welcome to telephone us at any convenient time, and we have no problem with Maxhealth using this testimonial to promote its pet diet. We truly believe it is only to the benefit of the animals that will be eating the food.

    Kind regards

    Mike van Rijwijck

  • Before Maxhealth

    After Maxhealth

    Ash’s story

    From the age of about 1 my Jack Russel, Ash, has suffered from very ichy and pink skin and has very little / no hair on the underside of her little body. I have been from vet to vet and tried medication after medication, and changed dog food so many times to help Ash, but nothing has helped her.

    I then found the Maxhealth web site and got in contact with Dr Ilario Dal Mas straight away. With the doctors help we have managed to get Ash’s skin condition under control in just a matter of days. Just this simple change in Ash’s diet has made the world of difference.

    I can not begin to explain or describe the difference in Ash. She such a happier and more comfortable little dog. And is always so excited for her dinner. From the pictures attached you will see the before and after photo’s. I have referred all my fellow pet owners to Maxhealth

    Dr Ilario, both Ash and I want to say a very Big Thank You, to you, for all your help.

    Many thanks

    Tanya Syvertsen

    Eastern Cape

  • Koda’s story

    At about 8 months of age our German Shepard, Koda, had developed a rather bad habit of continual scratching, both night and day, wherever he could reach and, chewing resulting in bare, raw patches on the lower part of his back together with sores/hot spots all along his tail. A visit to the vet for a few months resulted in cortisone injections which was of no consolation whatsoever. Although he was still “growing” he also appeared to be on the lean side even though he ate all his food.

    In desperation, and frustration in not being in a position to help relieve poor Koda of his discomfort, I turned to internet in search of some desperately needed help. And thank goodness for that and the discovery of Maxhealth. However, having read that the diet is fish based I was rather sceptical at first and had almost decided on not following through but, fortunately for Koda, I did.

    After 3 weeks of Maxhealth the improvement was evident. Koda is now 16 months old and a much happier chappy who has filled out beautifully. Some of you may have shared my thoughts of the diet as being “boring” for a dog but it is so very apparent just how beneficial Maxhealth can be for those who suffer from the symptoms mentioned above.
    Thanks to Dr. Dal Mas for what has proved to be a really great product.

    Cindy van Wyk

  • Tassie’s story

    I feel I have to write to you and let you know how pleased I am with the results of changing our Daxie X to Maxhealth Dog Food after seeing an advert by Tony Olds in our local newspaper.

    Tassie, our 8 yr old baby, has suffered for many years with very itchy skin, paw licking and inflamed ears. We have taken her to many vets who have prescribed various things, including cortisone, and suggested many ideas, i e changing our washing soap powder, to no avail. We had come to the conclusion she was allergic to dust mites, or certain grasses. She was even hospitalised on one occasion as she simply swelled up all over and was in a very sad state.

    So it was with a certain skepticism, but willing to try anything, I spoke with Mr Old and promptly bought a packet of Maxhealth.

    I have weaned her off her …….. – the sensitive stomach variety, and she is now fully on Maxhealth. The difference in Tassie is really amazing – no more scratching (which at one time was driving us and her mad), very much more alert and enjoying life (i.e. wanting to play) no more eating grass or inflamed ears. I have always maintained that Tassie was a “pickey” eater as sometimes she would not touch her meal. Now she is in the kitchen waiting for food when we have our breakfast, and even sometimes asks for another helping later in the day.

    From the above you will know that both myself and Tassie are very pleased with the results of changing to Maxhealth. We wish we had made the change earlier.

    Yours in gratitude,

    Sylvia Easton-Berry

  • Fifi before Maxhealth

    Fifi after Maxhealth

    Maxhealth arrives in Angola

    My husband and I, originally from Cape Town, now live in Luanda, Angola. A year and half ago we bought a 2 year old Boerboel bitch from an obedience school in Kempton Park and had her shipped to us.

    She had been badly mistreated by her previous owners and it required many months of love and patience to rid her of her fear of people.

    Obtaining decent dogfood in Luanda is a real problem and one has to take what one can find! In October last year, we purchased a well-known brand of pellets and our nightmare began. Fifi started itching and scratching and her hair fell out in patches. We do not have the luxury here of racing your pet to the nearest vet and I surfed the net endlessly for answers to her problem. That was when I discovered Maxhealth’s website.

    Dr DM is absolutely amazing. I corresponded with him and, when my husband and I flew home to Cape Town in November, I was able to collect the 18 kg of Maxhealth that he had posted to Cape Town for us.

    These 18 kg we lugged back in our luggage to Luanda and Fifi hasn’t looked back since. The photos are testimony to this. Her coat is back to normal, soft and silky and she has so much bounce in her step.

    Determined not to take Fifi off Maxhealth, I am now making use of visitors from Johannesburg to keep me constantly supplied!

    Dr DM, you simply have to make this product available in Cape Town as we will be returning home at the end of the year:-)

    Lin Das Neves

  • Before Maxhealth

    After 60 days on Maxhealth

    Stretchie’s Story

    Strechie’s problem started with a dog food that was ‘supposedly’ good for show dogs. Very quickly though, I knew that the food wasn’t good for him. The first visits to the vet began, and I’ve tried everything that you can buy from the vets for dogs with sensitive skins, but it never really cleared up at all. It was just ‘managed’.

    Every 3 months or so he was back at the vet for a course of antibiotics and cortisone and he was given Allergex on a daily basis. He was constantly scratching, had chronic ear infections and was always biting his paws – generally a very restless unhappy dog. When his hair started falling out again in February I started looking at other alternatives. I get really sick from cortisone, so imagine what it does to his little body. I hated that he was given so many medicines and injections. There had to be another way!

    I saw the Maxhealth website, and decided to give it a try. I bought a 2kg bag and at first it was a bit of a struggle to get him to eat dry food. I saw an improvement quite soon actually. Within 4 weeks he stopped scratching and his skin looked 80% better. 6 weeks later it cleared up totally, his hair had grown back and to top it off he shines beautifully! He is calm and relaxed and his weight has stabilized as well. He has had no ear infections either.

    I would like to thank Julie and Dr Ilario Dal Mas for all the advice and assistance. I’m just glad that someone was able to do the research for an alternative dog food. I was also surprised that he would take the time to answer my emails personally.

    Now I don’t have to ask “What’s up doc?!”, I know my answer – Maxhealth!

    Thank you!

    Christa and Stretchie

    Port Elisabeth

  • Our Labrador on Maxhealth

    Our Staffie and Labrador

    We have a 7yr old Staffie and an 8 yr old Labrador. Both had foul breath, flatulence and eczema. Our Labrador also suffered from arthritis. Dr I suggested an intolerance to their diet. Since both dogs have been on Maxhealth for about 2 years all their problems have cleared.

    Naturally the Labrador still has arthritis but much improved and she no longer needs the costly medication for arthritis as Maxhealth contains all she needs. Also, their motions are a lot smaller and drier. Their coats are incredibly glossy too. We will never use another dog food!

    Mrs SM Haley

  • Max and Cleo on Maxhealth

    Max and Cleo’s story

    Max and Cleo (3 year old Boerboels) suffered from recurring ear infections between the ages of 6 and 18 months. Despite frequent (often monthly) visits to the vet, not to mention thousands in medical expenses, I simply could not control their infections, with Max getting progressively worse over time. After trying just about every product from cortisone creams to ear flushes and drops, I became despondent.

    I’m sure that all dog owners would confirm, but there is nothing worse than seeing your loved pet in agony. I bumped into Dr. DM by pure coincidence who suggested that I try Maxhealth. For the last year and a half they have been on Maxhealth and their conditions are now completely controllable with the odd flare during spring. Your food has helped reduce their visits to once a year from once a month and they have not been in better shape. The food is mostly absorbed making cleaning the garden a pleasure and they are at their perfect weight. Their fur is soft and shiny making them all the more lovable.

    Max and Cleo love the food, as a result I have a rusting gate from all the drool and Max has gotten his timing for a cup and a half down to about 13 seconds !!!!

    Thanks for a great product.

    Nilan Morar,Kensington

  • Our 3 dogs

    Jenna, my 5 year old Jack Russell, used to suffer from terrible eczema, especially during the summer months, to the point where she would lick her skin until it bled. She loves lying in the sun which made the problem even worse. We decided to get a boerboel puppy, and after trying most of the dog foods on the market, my boyfriend came across Maxhealth. We saw how amazing Boston looked, and decided to try it on Jenna. In a matter of weeks, her skin cleared up, she picked up weight, her fur is so thick and soft, she has really improved and looks healthy! We have all three dogs, boerboel and two Jack Russell’s on Maxhealth, and they all look fantastic!

    Thanks for a terrific product!

    Lisa Keirsgieter

  • Harriet on Maxhealth

    Juniper on Maxhealth

    Our 2 dogs

    We were introduced to Maxhealth Pet Diet when I brought our Dalmation Harriet to Lyndhurst Vet with a wound on her leg caused by her obsessive compulsive licking. This is not the first time we’ve had this problem, but it’s the first time we seem to have found a lasting solution. The Vet explained that the cause may be diet related so we gave her antibiotics to clear up the sore and put her on Maxhealth to see what would happen.

    We’ve seen a significant change in her behaviour. Her habit of gnawing her front paws (which she’s always had) has gone and the wound on her leg has healed and stayed healed because she no longer obsessively licks it. She seems to have more energy and loves her new diet. We started our Labbie Juniper on the diet too and have been delighted by her response to it. Her coat looks great, her weight is perfect and her coat doesn’t have the odour that it used to. Most importantly, her digestive system is now regular – she used to be prone to diarrhea (which made my job as poop scooper a nightmare!). I was skeptical about the vegetarian Mini Snacks, but both dogs are crazy about these treats. We are 100% happy with Maxhealth and so are our pooches. Thanks for a fantastic product.

    Fiona Hindmarch,Orange Grove

  • Fudd on Maxhealth

    Fudd’s story

    Dear Maxhealth,
    Thank you for my healthly, beautiful Boerboel. My name is Devin, 13 years old and I am the very proud owner of a 10 month old Boerboel. I am fortunate not to have had anything wrong with my dog and this is solely due to the fact that my Boerboel, named FUDD, has been on Maxhealth since he was a small puppy.

    Right from day one he enjoyed the Maxhealth puppy food and now the senior Maxhealth food and there have been times, much to the families delight, when he actually salivated for the food. He is an absolutely fine specimen of a dog. The Maxhealth formula has resulted in a dog that never scratches, has no skin allergies, has a coat that is simply shinning and a pleasure to cuddle up to, and best of all he has no “doggy smelly breath”, I can lie next to him without holding my breathe. MAXHEALTH is the best and I know that my Boerboel will live a long and happy life thanks to a food that will let him grow up to be fit and healthy so that together we can have many hours of fun, love and of course playtime together.


    Devin Hesk

  • Jason on Maxhealth

    Jason’s story

    Jason our 18 month old Bulldog is a big fellow. It had been recommended that we feed him on a special diet to give him strong and healthy bones. But Jason was limping badly and he had bad eczema.

    A friend recommended that we feed him Maxhealth food which is based on fish and contains no meat or fats whatsoever. For the past month Jason has been on the Maxhealth food. He is a changed dog. The Eczema has disappeared. He has a good waistline, has lost some excess weight and has stopped limping, his coat is beautiful and shiny.

    He is happy and far more mobile than previously. We can highly recommend MAXHEALTH FOOD.

    Thank you improving Jason’s Health.

    Garth Marshall

  • Zeus on Maxhealth

    Zeus’s story

    After I lost my beautiful Staffie, Olive, in September 2005, I decided to get another one towards the end of that year. We chose our puppy, Zeus, when he was two weeks old at the beginning of November and could not wait for him to be with his mommy for eight weeks, and eventually fetched him on the 27 December 2005.

    The next nine months were an absolute joy as he grew beautifully and very healthy until he was 10 to 11 months, when this horrible rash appeared on his stomach, groin and armpits. The Vet kept on giving us creams and tablets for this “eczema” and “allergies”, which didn’t help at all. I was heartbroken, as I saw Olive suffer so much during the last year of her life, and now my beautiful Zeus, still very much a puppy, had to go through his life plagued with these rashes that he used to lick raw, and without much medical relief! That was until I met Dr DM and he explained that Zeus was not suffering from allergies, but food intolerances and introduced Maxhealth to me and my dogs. Within two weeks the rash was totall,y gone, his fur colouring was enhanced and shiny, and he is now nearly two years old (b/day 31 October), and is one of the healthiest looking Staffies I have ever seen or owned. Thank you Dr DM for loving the South African canines enough and for bringing the European expertise in food intolerances to our country. Here are photos of my Maxhealth fed Staffordshire Bull Terrier ,,,,, he looks so good, ’cause he eats so good and makes much smaller poo’s!!!’ Maxhealth makes owning dogs such a pleasure, as instead of these huge mountains of poo on the lawn, we have these very discreet droppings, as 90% of Maxhealth food is absorbed by the dog.

    Isabel Joffe, Sandringham

  • A happy BJ

    BJ’s story

    At last my dog B.J. is looking and feeling good, he is so happy now. Since putting him on Max-health his coat is shiny, he no longer eats grass, his bowel habits are normal and he longer limps.

    He enjoys the food and the odd mini pet snack from Max health and is everything a dog should be. Thank-you so much for advising me to try it.

    Judith Hodgson and B.J

  • Tummy on Maxhealth

    Tummy’s story

    Good Morning, Looking at the pictures of my Daschund it is hard to believe that a short while ago her body was covered in open sores. A few months ago she started developing bumps all over her face and body, the bumps developed into open sores.

    The vet gave her various courses of medication and sent specimens to the laboratory for analysis. The sores did not clear and my dog was obviously in pain and discomfort as she was continuously scratching at the sores. As the medication did not help the Vet than recommended that we change her diet and he put her on MaxHealth Pet Diet. Her condition started improving immediately and the sores started healing. The sores have now healed completely and her coat glows with good health. I have put her on Maxhealth Mini Snacks as well and all I have to do is take out the container and her tail starts wagging. Maxhealth really has worked wonders on her she is brimming with energy and looks great.

    Frank Levenstein

  • Our beautiful German Shepherd

    Our two German Shepherds

    I have two German Sheppard’s, male and female, ages 5 and 4 respectively who have been on the best brands of dog food on the market. Both were scratching themselves and not finishing their food on a regular basis. They were also constantly jumping into the pool to cool themselves.

    We’ve had them on Maxhealth for a few months and the itching, scratching and swimming have come to a halt. They are extremely fussy with what they eat but finish their food on a daily basis. Their coats are shiny and healthy.

    I highly recommend Maxhealth. It’s brilliant!!

    S. Govender

  • Maxhealth is the best

    With or without a car, I will make sure my dog eats Maxhealth.


  • 11 months on Maxhealth

    Dozer’s story

    Just thought of sharing Dozer is a lot better, no more patches beautiful shiny thick coat. 11 months on Maxhealth.

    Thanks to Maxhealth.
    Thank you very much


  • Boston Terrier’s story

    I am a BOSTON TERRIER breeder. One of my males had a very sever allergy. His abdomen was raw and red as if on fire. He was itchy and liked to pull himself along on the grass which of course made things much worse. He suffered badly. So he was kept of the grass. He had skin scrapings ,nothing could be found. He was on Cortisone, which did absolutely nothing. I tried many different dog foods for sensitive skin . NOTHING HELPED MY POOR DOG. This worry went on for almost a year. Ointment and creams, and lotions and washing. Then it was recommended that I try him on the MAXHEALTH Pet food based on Fish. Within a matter of 2 weeks I could see the change. The swelling and redness disappeared. He loves the fish taste. The Omega oils are obviously also doing him a lot of good. After a month his coat was better that ever. He enjoys the lawn.

    No more scratching. The change in the dog has been phenomenal.

    For 6 month now my other Bostons have also had the benefit of Maxhealth. Not that they have had problems,but simply because they love it.

    Thank you for a fantastic Dog food.

    Elke Bertasso.

  • Rottweiler’s story

    My Rottweiler bitch had many problems with her digestion.We tried to give her the best and most expensive of everything. But we suffered and she suffered. Her breath was terrible and her appetite was not always good. She is now on Maxhealth food .Her enthusiasm for the food is uncanny. From the time we brought the bag home, she can not get her food fast enough. She just loves the fish taste and it is doing her figure a lot of good.

    Barbara B.

  • Rosa’s story

    We are writing to thank Maxhealth for improving the life of our dog and ourselves. Before Maxhealth, Rosa our Labrador was constantly scratching. It got so bad that she often had bleeding and scars. Since we changed her diet to Maxhealth she has stopped scratching completely and we are all much happier.

    Thanks again

    Mandy and Anthony

  • Jack Russell’s story

    Alison brought us the sample packet of dog food for our Jack Russell. Thank you so much. The food has changed her life from one of eternal itching and cortisone injections to one of pleasure. We have battled with her since having hers spayed and the vet thought it may be a grass allergy. Whatever the cause the food has been her salvation – and ours, I might add.

    Thanks to you and Ilario. Regards


  • Our Jack Russell and Boerboel

    I have to tell you how wonderful Maxhealth Pet Food is, my Jack Russel used to scratch from morning till night,due to a reaction to meat based foods,The young lady at a local pet shop [The Cascades] recommended I use Maxhealth and the result was immediate. Unfortunately she closed her shop and my poor dog suffered for a couple of months until I had the sense to speak to my vet,s assistant and she also recommended Maxhealth. Result one happy scratch free Jack Russel. I now have a 7 week old Boerboel and have been told that I can feed him Maxhealth Puppy Food which is such a relief as he steals the biscuits anyway!! Many thanks for such a wonderful product.

    Kind regards

    Anne Ward

  • Dogs love Maxhealth

    I would like to take this opportunity of congratulating the vet who has made such remarkable improvements in ALL DOGS. I have seen unbelievable changes in the dogs, most of the dogs were sick and loosing hair, and since their owners have changed their food to MAXHEALTH THEY ARE ALL SO HAPPY, IF THEY COULD CLAP THEIR HANDS THEY WOULD.. and they all LOVE THE FOOD.


    Jenny Becker

  • Staffie’s story

    Just a few lines to thank you for a wonderful product – Maxhealth.

    We have a Staffie who used to suffer from recurring eczema and ear infections. She was also overweight. Our very kind vet even sent her blood to America and the tests came back reporting that she was allergic to 40 things. We tried all the various dog foods recommended but even this did not improve matters. Mig was put on a course of injections to desensitize her to her various allergies. We tried everything but nothing helped until my daughter, who is a physiotherapist, was telling one of her patients about our dog. She supplies various pet shops with products and told my daughter about Maxhealth. It is like a miracle. Our Staffie is in peak condition.

    Many thanks.

    Glenys Burton – Fourways

  • Brady’s story

    I would like to take this opportunity of letting you know what a huge difference Maxhealth has made in our lives.

    My Border Collie, Brady who is now just over 3 years of age had been suffering with allergic reactions – itchiness, red skin, skin eruptions etc since he was 12 weeks of age. We have tried food changes and regular medication but normally ended up on anti biotic and cortisone, depending on the severity of the condition. This time of year, August through to November, was always the worse, it was a period I dreaded as Brady was always itchy and miserable and I had to curtail his walks as the grass made the condition worse. This time of year would definitely involve at least one visit to the vet.

    Brady has now been on Maxhealth for 8 months and only when I saw him rubbing against a wall yesterday did I realize that we are having NO reaction at all to the change of season, I had actually forgotten about it! After seeing him rubbing I checked his tummy, and it is perfectly normal in appearance, no redness at all.

    To at last have a dog that can run and play in the veld and grass, go through change of season with no reaction is such a pleasure. I have absolutely no hesitation in referring this excellent product to my clients and wish to thank you for an excellent food that I am sure will provide much relief to other owners dogs as well.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Scotty Valadao

    Animal Behaviour Consultant (Acc. Cn. ABC of SA)
    Tellington TTouch Practitioner
    Canine Obedience Instructor
    Veterinary Nutrition Adviser (VNA)
    Louise L Hay Facilitator
    Mobile: 082 928 0102

  • Bulldog’s story

    Hi there

    When I began to feed my dogs on Maxhealth, I was rather sceptical as to weather this new dog food would benefit my dogs. After all my dogs had been on … and then …. And what could be better than these top brands? Even so both my dogs suffered from skin irritation.

    Bulldogs are very susceptible to skin rash and my Bulldog suffered greatly and obviously the more he scratched the more raw his skin became. The eczema was so bad that I kept him constantly on ……. cream which is fairly pricey. But nothing seemed to be really effective. My Dalmatian came from Domestic Pet Rescue; she was traumatised and in poor condition, her skin so bad that most of her body was pink. Again nothing helped.

    Both dogs would have to suffer in silence: the Dalmatian could have some type of skin graft as her condition was so poor. This treatment would also run into many thousands of rands and weather it would have been truly effective is also a moot point.

    I decided to try a new food on the market: Maxhealth. A fish and rice based food it had been tested on bulldogs so maybe it would help my dogs. And indeed it has helped. The Dalmatian’s fur has a beautiful sheen to it and she is in fine condition, while the Bulldog has never since had eczema and he too is in superb condition. I should add that my Bulldog is a fastidious character but he really likes this food. Oh yes, the addition of the Maxhealth snacks also adds a new dimension to the diet of my dogs. So now they are truly happy!

    Thanks for producing such a wholesome and appetizing food.

    Tim White

  • My 2 German Shepherds

    My two German Shepherds, a 4 year old female and a 12 year old male, were itching, scratching and shedding hair, even after I had groomed them and applied flea drops.

    I consulted a vet who prescribed vitamins and special food for dermatosis, but the problem persisted.

    Only after switching to Maxhealth hi-protein from ocean fish, low fat pet diet, which IDM prescribed together with Efazol, did I see any improvement.

    After only a few days, the itching, scratching and shedding hair had completely stopped.

    I highly recommend Maxhealth for dogs’ skin ailments as well as their everyday health!

    P. Bednarsch

  • Our 2 beautiful Alsatian cross Wolves

    Hi Maxhealth

    I would just like to say how brilliant the Maxhealth pet food is. My Brother and I have 2 beautiful Alsatian cross Wolf female and 1 of them suffered from perianal fistula, I was told that there was a medication to give her which would cost around R 6000 per month, but was not guaranteed to work and the other option was to operate (which would also not completely cure her). After numerous visits to different vets we came across our current vet who is absolutely brilliant , and his recommendation was to change food to Maxhealth. In doing this it was not even 3 weeks and there was not a sign of any disease. The food is brilliant and our dogs are as healthy as ever.

    I also have a 4 month old Boerboel who had a Digestion problem, after changing her off a very expensive food I was told to move her onto Maxhealth puppy.

    Her problems are solved, she has no issues with Digestion and after getting all her nutritional requirements in the Maxhealth even her personality has changed and she has become friendly, loving and not withdrawn like she was.

    I cannot stress how Important (Maxhealth) is for a Puppy or Adult dog, I have seen this in 2 instances and bad Nutrition affects the pets health, personality and behaviour.

    I have a male pitbull who kept scratching and biting himself until he bled. Since being on Maxhealth for the past four weeks, the itching has stopped as well as the constant biting. He seems to have more energy and absolutely loves the food. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has a dog as a pet. Thanks again.

    Kind Regards
    Derek Macik

  • Rhodesian Ridgeback’s story

    As a fanatic about the well being of my animals I would like to say that I would highly recommend the Maxhealth Pet Diet. We have a 19 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback who developed a serious skin irritation at the beginning of the year. She scratched herself raw on her stomach and there was a time when we thought it might be mange. However, it was decided to change her diet to see if that helped and she was put on to Maxhealth Pet Diet. The skin irritation has gone and she is looking in good condition now. For some time we fed her the recommended amounts of the diet but she lost some weight and her ribs were showing – although the condition of her skin and coat was good. Since we have increased the amount of the diet she gets each day she has put on weight again and is in excellent condition. To anyone wondering about using the diet I can heartily recommend it.

    Amanda Furber

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