Our 2 dogs

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We’ve seen a significant change in her behaviour. Her habit of gnawing her front paws (which she’s always had) has gone and the wound on her leg has healed and stayed healed because she no longer obsessively licks it. She seems to have more energy and loves her new diet. We started our Labbie Juniper on the diet too and have been delighted by her response to it. Her coat looks great, her weight is perfect and her coat doesn’t have the odour that it used to. Most importantly, her digestive system is now regular – she used to be prone to diarrhea (which made my job as poop scooper a nightmare!). I was skeptical about the vegetarian Mini Snacks, but both dogs are crazy about these treats. We are 100% happy with Maxhealth and so are our pooches. Thanks for a fantastic product.

Fiona Hindmarch,Orange Grove

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