Bulldog’s story

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Both dogs would have to suffer in silence: the Dalmatian could have some type of skin graft as her condition was so poor. This treatment would also run into many thousands of rands and weather it would have been truly effective is also a moot point.

I decided to try a new food on the market: Maxhealth. A fish and rice based food it had been tested on bulldogs so maybe it would help my dogs. And indeed it has helped. The Dalmatian’s fur has a beautiful sheen to it and she is in fine condition, while the Bulldog has never since had eczema and he too is in superb condition. I should add that my Bulldog is a fastidious character but he really likes this food. Oh yes, the addition of the Maxhealth snacks also adds a new dimension to the diet of my dogs. So now they are truly happy!

Thanks for producing such a wholesome and appetizing food.

Tim White

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