Danny’s story

Secondary line

No he had no fleas as I de-flea him once a month one day after his bath, and the house is sprayed every 3 to 4 months.

Then I heard of MAXHEALTH DOG FOOD, so I thought I would try it and what a difference, Danny has never looked back and I frequently get stopped when we go for walks by people
who admire his shiney beautiful coat, and endless energy. They bend down to pet him and are surprised by his ice cold nose.

If you have a dog with skin problems, scratching, licking, smelling, do him/her and yourself a favour, get MAXHEALTH DOG FOOD, you will not regret it.

MAXHEALTH DOG FOOD comes in various quantities and has Small Bites for small dogs and Regular for large dogs. You should not feed your pet with any other snack just stick to
MAXHEALTH and fresh water at all times.

MAXHEALTH DOG FOOD has been developed by Dr Ilario del Mas PhD.

I really recommend MAXHEALTH DOG FOOD


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