Kiara’s story

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I went to Pets and the City (Newlands). Explained to the lovely Lady what is wrong with my fur kid and also showed her the photographs. She immediately told me everything about Maxhealth. I have decided, there and then, to give it a try with a 2 kg bag. My fur kids just loved it and we’ve decided to buy another bag – this time round – 15 kg. We are now on our 2nd bag of Maxhealth (red bag).

What a huge surprise. Her skin reacted to the food within a week. Thank you so much for this! Wow, I couldn’t believe it. Maxhealth is the best! I am telling everybody about this food which I have discovered. Two of my colleagues bought food today – 3 x 15 kg Maxhealth! Another colleague is also going to switch to Maxhealth.

I will keep on spreading the word as this is genuine the best dog food ever! Maxhealth – thank you for being part of our lives – now and forever! Will never ever change to another brand.

Kindest regards, Sandra

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