Max and Cleo’s story

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I’m sure that all dog owners would confirm, but there is nothing worse than seeing your loved pet in agony. I bumped into Dr. DM by pure coincidence who suggested that I try Maxhealth. For the last year and a half they have been on Maxhealth and their conditions are now completely controllable with the odd flare during spring. Your food has helped reduce their visits to once a year from once a month and they have not been in better shape. The food is mostly absorbed making cleaning the garden a pleasure and they are at their perfect weight. Their fur is soft and shiny making them all the more lovable.

Max and Cleo love the food, as a result I have a rusting gate from all the drool and Max has gotten his timing for a cup and a half down to about 13 seconds !!!!

Thanks for a great product.

Nilan Morar,Kensington

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