Maxhealth arrives in Angola

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Obtaining decent dogfood in Luanda is a real problem and one has to take what one can find! In October last year, we purchased a well-known brand of pellets and our nightmare began. Fifi started itching and scratching and her hair fell out in patches. We do not have the luxury here of racing your pet to the nearest vet and I surfed the net endlessly for answers to her problem. That was when I discovered Maxhealth’s website.

Dr DM is absolutely amazing. I corresponded with him and, when my husband and I flew home to Cape Town in November, I was able to collect the 18 kg of Maxhealth that he had posted to Cape Town for us.

These 18 kg we lugged back in our luggage to Luanda and Fifi hasn’t looked back since. The photos are testimony to this. Her coat is back to normal, soft and silky and she has so much bounce in her step.

Determined not to take Fifi off Maxhealth, I am now making use of visitors from Johannesburg to keep me constantly supplied!

Dr DM, you simply have to make this product available in Cape Town as we will be returning home at the end of the year:-)

Lin Das Neves

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