Our dogs story

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The rest is history. Our dogs have now been exclusively on Maxhealth for the past two plus years. All skin/allergic reactions have vanished; the dogs’ pelts are in beautiful condition. Their digestion is totally perfect and we have had no diet or eating disorder visits to the veterinarians since we changed to Maxhealth. Today we have 2 regular, fully pedigreed Yorkies, one fully pedigreed, imported, champion Biewer Terrier a la Pom Pon for breeding purposes (currently in the family way, due in early November) and, for our sins, a “runt of the litter” toy French Poodle sort of rescued by Marie recently. The terriers are all on Maxhealth, while the French poodle, although on a special puppy diet to try and save its life, is valiantly trying to eat the Maxhealth rings, even though the rings are practically bigger than her mouth at this time.

We cannot give a better, stronger testimonial than this. Certainly we confidently recommend Maxhealth to any pet owner, irrespective of the size, species or nature of the dog that is being considered. We have the full range, from a costly, rare dog (the Biewer), through run-of-the-mill Yorkies and now a very fragile poodle; all are eating Maxhealth and even the poodle looks as if it is going to make it.

Should anybody want to contact us to verify these facts, they are more than welcome to telephone us at any convenient time, and we have no problem with Maxhealth using this testimonial to promote its pet diet. We truly believe it is only to the benefit of the animals that will be eating the food.

Kind regards

Mike van Rijwijck