Our 2 beautiful Alsatian cross Wolves

Secondary line

I also have a 4 month old Boerboel who had a Digestion problem, after changing her off a very expensive food I was told to move her onto Maxhealth puppy.

Her problems are solved, she has no issues with Digestion and after getting all her nutritional requirements in the Maxhealth even her personality has changed and she has become friendly, loving and not withdrawn like she was.

I cannot stress how Important (Maxhealth) is for a Puppy or Adult dog, I have seen this in 2 instances and bad Nutrition affects the pets health, personality and behaviour.

I have a male pitbull who kept scratching and biting himself until he bled. Since being on Maxhealth for the past four weeks, the itching has stopped as well as the constant biting. He seems to have more energy and absolutely loves the food. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has a dog as a pet. Thanks again.

Kind Regards
Derek Macik