Rossi’s story

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His skin was red and inflamed and he dragged himself on the grass to get some relief which made the condition even worse. I spent hours on the internet and tried some cream that my vet gave me but nothing seemed to help. I came across your website by chance and read every word on it. I immediately ordered my first bag of puppy food and after two weeks, I could not believe the change. The red raw patches had disappeared and he stopped scratching his under arms and they are no longer raw.

He has been on Maxhealth Puppy for seven weeks now. The food is amazing and he loves it! I have also put my two Yorkies on the food and I have noticed that the tear stains on my little female have improved dramatically, they also love the taste and I do not have to add any chicken to get them to eat it like I did with their premium food.

My Boerboel is now 4 months old and is beautiful. He is muscular and really healthy, happy and intelligent. He obtained full marks on the week-end for his puppy obedience class and I must say he was the most confident and handsome dog in his class! He does have the odd itch but nothing like before and I am confident after being on the food for a couple of months he will be itch free.

Herewith are before and after pictures and a picture of my pedigree Boerboel – Meerlust Valentino Rossi which is on his papers – we just call him Rossi.

Kind regards

Nicole Marais

Kempton Park

My husband and son (the future vet) are mad about Motor GP and support Valentino Rossi – thus the name….